Commissioning is a critical phase for full-electric GEO satellites. Electric propulsion produces very slow transfer (up to six months) from GTO to GEO, delaying revenue-generation.
During the transfer, the satellite is exposed to higher layers of Earth’s atmosphere, radiation from the Van Allen belt, and to space debris, with possible damage to the solar arrays and avionics.

Enter D-Raise.

D-Raise is a compact, independent, solid propulsion system optimized for commissioning maneuvers of full-electric satellite platforms. Its compact, high thrust motor accelerates the transfer maneuver from GTO to GEO by boosting the perigee up to an altitude of 500km. The extended version is even capable to raise the perigee up to 10,000 km, well above the Van Allen radiation belts and most space debris. Vent enables satellite operators to start generating revenues earlier while preventing deterioration of satellite components, and reducing collision risk