ION IOD/IOV is a plug-and-play platform for in-orbit demonstration and validation based on ION Satellite Carrier. The platform provides well defined mechanical, electrical, and data interfaces, access to host resources, attitude control, flexible pricing, and multiple launch options in LEO, SSO, and GEO.

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  • Standard, well-defined interfaces: Plug-and-play CubeSat mechanical interface, Standard 3.3/5/12/28V electrical interface

  • Access to host resources: Uplink, downlink, memory, and more

  • Wide coverage: A network of ground stations provides multiple daily access opportunities

  • Attitude control: Ability to point the platform to perform your tasks with optimal exposure to sun, darkness, Earth, and horizon

  • Launch flexibility: Multiple launch options in LEO, SSO, and GEO every year, with the possibility to switch launch in case of delay

  • Multi-orbit: Repeat your experiment at different altitude and planes

  • Flexible pricing: Pay what you use

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