D-Orbit AOCS Suite is a modular attitude and orbit control system solution built of three nested systems that can be acquired separately. Each layer is built upon the ones below, enabling satellite designers to create an ADCS that fits their needs and budgets. A fully architecture with redundant data, power, and propulsion interfaces guarantees failure tolerance. The suite is ideal for spacecraft of up to 400 kg, operating in an orbit up to 1200km high, with an inclination above 30° and any beta angle. 

  • Redundant data interface to ADCS Core (2 x CAN 1Mbps, CSP-enabled, other serial interfaces upon request).
  • Redundant power interface to ADCS Core (2 x 12V or 24V) .
  • Redundant power interface for propulsion (2 x 28 V UNR).
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ADS  SUITE: an attitude determination system based on D-Orbit proprietary multi-sensor module D-Sense. It can be used as standalone, or as a foundational module of the two systems built on top of it.
ADCS SUITE: an attitude determination and control system built on top of ADS Suit. It can be connected to third-party actuators through MTQ, RW, and other interfaces.
AOCS SUITE: an attitude and orbit control systems built on top of ADCS Suite. It includes a Green chemical bipropellant propulsion subsystem with total impulse up to 250 000 Ns.