To continue exploring space sustainably, we must act now

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Italian Tech Week 2021

Renato Panesi (co-founder and CCO) and Monica Valli (VP Operations) attend a panel with Diego Piacentini of Exor Seeds

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Scott Amyx

Listen to our CEO, Luca Rossettini, talk about the future of space economy and the impact of space technology in our everyday lives



Space infrastructure is the next investment frontier and SPACs are a launch pad

Half Full Moon

Il Sole 24 Ore Podcast

Listen to our CTO Lorenzo Ferrario discuss with former ESA commissioner Piero Benvenuti about the Moon landing and the future of commercial space


The history of Space

Storia Italiana dello Spazio: read about the evolution of the Italian space sector and the history of D-Orbit 


05.12.21  I  La Voz de Galicia  I  La industria aeroespacial de Italia despega y ya factura 13.000 millones
18.10.21  I  Astrospace.it  I  Completati a bordo di ION i test della piattaforma Nebula
13.10.21  I  SpaceQuip Journal  I  Nebula is Successfully Demonstrated in Space
11.10.21  I  TechCrunch  I  To continue exploring space sustainably, we must act now
25.09.21  I  La Repubblica  I  Cosa resterà di questa Italian Tech Week
09.09.21  I  Via Satellite  I  ESA Awards D-Orbit UK Contract for Debris Removal Demonstration
09.09.21  I  SmallSat News  I  Launch + Deployment Mission Agreement Signed with HyImpulse
09.09.21  I  Spacewatch.global  I  D-Orbit signs €2,2 million space debris removal contract with ESA
10.06.21  I  Forbes  I  Space Truckin’: Thanks To D-Orbit, It’s Not Just A Old Deep Purple Song Anymore   
24.05.21  I  Authority Magazine  I  Wisdom From The Women Leading The Space Industry
13.04.21  I  MarketWatch  I  Opinion: Space infrastructure is the next investment frontier
12.04.21  I  Sat News  I  Resilience, Accomplishments & A Bright Future
04.03.21  I  Sat News  D-Orbit Commits To Marubeni Partnership For Global Sales Expansion
24.01.21  I  CNBC  SpaceX launches a 'rideshare' mission carrying 143 spacecraft
07.12.20  I  affaritaliani.it  I  Lo Spazio? In Lombardia è di tutti e può migliorare la nostra vita
07.12.20  I  UK.gov  I  Government funds UK companies at the forefront of space innovation
01.12.20  I  Il Sole 24 Ore  I  D-Orbit inaugura il satellite plug&play
01.12.20  I  TgCom24  I  Accordo con IAC per IOD telecamera ad infrarossi Drago
01.12. 20 I  Yahoo Finanza  I D-Orbit sigla accordo con l'Istituto de Astrofisica de Canarias
19.11.20  I  Il Sole 24 Ore  I  È italiano il cargo spaziale che rilascia i satelliti nella posizione giusta
19.11.20  I  Elettro+Watts  I  Segnali dallo spazio
28.10.20  I  Spacenews.com  I  D-Orbit Satellite Carrier delivers Planet SuperDoves to desired orbits
28.10.20  I  Startupbusiness.it D-Orbit annuncia il successo della sua prima missione
22.10.20  I  Smallsatnews.com  I  D-Orbit secures 15M€ of financing
22.10.20  I  Startupbusiness.it Nuovo round da 15M€ e investitori internazionali per D-Orbit
12.10.20  I  SpaceWatch.Global  I  D-Orbit to launch Eutelsat CubeSats built by AAC Clyde Space
16.09.20  I  BBC News  I  UK Space Agency funds tech for orbital awareness
03.09.20  I  Público  I  Foguetão europeu Vega lançado com 53 satélites a bordo
03.09.20  I  Startupbusiness.it  I  D-Orbit è in orbita, lanciato il primo ION dal Guiana Space Center
03.09.20  I  SpaceNews.com  I  Arianespace launches Vega on mission with 53 smallsats
03.09.20  I  Il Sole 24 Ore  I  L’Italia nello spazio con l’Europa: lanciato nella notte Vega con 53 satelliti
14.04.20  I  Asia.Nikkei.com  Marubeni links up with Italian aerospace startup D-Orbit
20.12.19  I  SpaceNews.com  I  Seraphim Capital, Noosphere Ventures invest in D-Orbit
21.11.19  I  SpaceNews.com  I  D-Orbit consortium radar satellite to monitor infrastructure
19.10.19  I  SpaceRef.com  I  D-Orbit launches AURORA, a cloud-based mission control software suite
06.08.19  I  StartUpBusiness Accordo tra D-Orbit e Leaf Space per il New Space Market
23.07.19  I  SpaceNews.com  I  Two more rules to build a Megaconstellation

20.07.19  I  Il Sole 24 Ore Podcast "I Duelli"  I  L'allunaggio

15.06.19  I  The Economist  A new business in small satellites orbiting Earth

01.06.19  I  Sat Magazine  An innovative approach to IOD IOV

24.05.19  I  Sat News  I  Amazon Web Services reveals AWS ground station for satellite control 

23.05.19  I  SpaceNews  Amazon activates ground station business with first two of 12 stations

01.05.19  I  Forbes Italia  Lo spazzino del cosmo

25.04.19  I  Il Sole 24 Ore  I  Il dispenser per nanosatelliti

06.03.19  I  Sat News  D-Orbit will launch Planet Lab's flock of Doves

05.03.19  I  Space Daily  D-Orbit signs framework agreement with Firefly to acquire launch capacity

05.03.19  I  Sat Magazine  I Satellite deployment. The future of the CubeSat launch technology

05.03.19  I  Sat News  The Firefly aerospace launch vehicle selected by D-Orbit for payload pushes 

28.02.19  I  Space Daily  D-Orbit signs contract for launch and deployment services with Planet Labs

23.01.19  I  Il Sole 24 Ore  D-Orbit, crescono ricavi ed addetti con i passaggi in prima per lo Spazio

17.01.19  I  Tom's Hardware  D-Orbit si aggiudica un contratto ESA da 2,6 milioni di euro

13.01.19  I  Sat News  D-Orbit welcomes ESA and ASI SmallSat development contract


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January 13th, 2022: D-Orbit launches new ION Satellite Carrier mission

January 5th, 2022: VZLUSat-2 remanifested to fly on D-Orbit’s ION Satellite Carrier for upcoming orbital transportation mission

November 2nd, 2021: D-Orbit Signs Agreement with Commercial Indian Launch Operator Skyroot Aerospace

October 27th, 2021: D-Orbit Signs Agreement with Oman’s International Emerging Technology Company ETCO

October 11th, 2021: Nebula, an Innovative In-Orbit Cloud Computing and Storage Platform, is successfully demonstrated in Space

September 8th, 2021: D-Orbit UK signs a Contract with ESA for the Development of Debris Removal Technology

September 1st, 2021: D-Orbit signs agreement with HyImpulse Technologies for joint EU-based launch and deployment mission

July 26th, 2021: D-Orbit announces the successful completion of the deployment phase of its ongoing WILD RIDE space mission

July 22nd, 2021: D-Orbit announces AWS Ground Station integration with AURORA mission control software

July 20th, 2021: D-Orbit signs a contract with the European Space Agency under the Boost! Project - ESA’s Commercial Space Transportation Services and Support Programme

June 30th, 2021: D-Orbit’s ION Satellite Carrier Rides to Space atop SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket

June 23rd, 2021: D-Orbit signs launch contract with Aistech Space

June 17th, 2021: Stellar Project and D-Orbit sign hosted payload agreement

May 31st, 2021: D-Orbit announces WILD RIDE, the upcoming mission of its ION Satellite Carrier

May 17th, 2021: D-Orbit Successfully Completes Deployment Phase of Ongoing PULSE Mission, Deploys 20 Satellites In-Orbit, and Executes Orbital Maneuvers

February 25th, 2021: D-Orbit and Marubeni Corp announce Commercial Partnership

January 24th, 2021: D-Orbit’s ION Satellite Carrier Rides SpaceX’s Falcon 9 to Orbit

December 14th, 2020: DHL and D-Orbit jointly tackle terrestrial challenges and leverage galactic opportunities


December 7th, 2020:  D-Orbit UK Wins a Bid for Space-Based Climate Observation Service Phase A Study

November 30th, 2020: D-Orbit Signs IOD Agreement with Instituto Astrofisica de Canarias (IAC)

November 24th, 2020: D-Orbit UK Partners with AAA Clyde Space for ESA-funded Project xSPANCION

October 28th, 2020: D-Orbit announces successful ORIGIN mission

October 22nd, 2020: In addition to an over $10M funding round led by Neva earlier this year, D-Orbit secures €15M financing from EIB


October 8th, 2020: D-Orbit Announces Launch Service Contract with AAC Clyde Space

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