Distributed Space

For many countries, access to space, satellites in orbit and data, is often dependent on foreign organizations. D-Orbit has devised a program to improve this situation.

Space is more than a new market: it is an opportunity for society to grow and diversify. The use of space and space data is growing fast and the appetite from emerging countries to expand is accelerating. There is a shared desire to make space affordable and accessible to all.

Based on these premises, D-Orbit's Distributed Space program aims at: 

  • Creating a network of modular and low-cost national space industries; 
  • Contributing to education, helping build a local talent pool in STEM fields, and creating new jobs; 
  • Retaining the best and brightest individuals within their local economies by supporting the creation of world-leading industries. 

The benefits of D-Orbit's Distributed Space program include: 

  • Building local expertise and autonomy; 
  • Advanced training and education to foster the next generation; 
  • New market for local businesses; 
  • Creating tailored services for local markets (forest management; advanced agriculture services);
  • Local services will benefit from existing D-Orbit expertise and infrastructure. 

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