Like most companies, we started small. As the company grew, the Founders defined the values that have been driving their collaboration from the beginning and shared them among all its people.

These values guide our approach to work, that enables everyone inside the company to be empowered and thrive. While our processes and strategies may adapt and change over time, we want our values to always remain consistent.

To work in the space industry, you need to be resilient and believe in your abilities to work through problems to achieve great results; this is why, when we make mistakes, we dust ourselves off and get back in the game as quickly as possible.

We are persistent and we are not afraid to dare. We believe that what seems impossible at first can be achieved if you believe you can make it happen and if you work side by side with the exceptional team that surrounds you.

Our office is a warp speed-paced environment, so we strive to be as organized and flexible as possible; this is essential in order to adapt and thrive in D-Orbit.

We believe that strategic thinking, the ability to identify what must be done well right away, and what needs to be hacked quickly and improved later, is as essential as passion for what we do.

We work to keep the communication open, honest, and constructive. We share our ideas, voice our concerns, talk to our colleagues, and listen to them. We try to be direct without ever being confrontational. We understand that helping our colleagues is as important as learning to ask for help.