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Space Transportation

D-Orbit offers a family of solutions to address the needs of the small satellites market in terms of launch and deployment, operations on payloads, ground transportation, insurance, and more.

These services are a turnkey solution that streamlines any phase of a satellite’s life cycle, providing satellite operators with support in any stage of spacecraft design, development, and operations without the need for direct investments in skills and facilities.

Launch and Deployment


Rideshare is a launch and deployment service that relies on third-party compatible launchers equipped with proprietary dispensers to release satellites into a standard parking orbit. The service is ideal for missions where a precise deployment is not critical for mission success.

Precision Deployment

Precision Deployment is a launch and deployment service that relies on ION Satellite Carrier, a proprietary orbital transfer vehicle operated by D-Orbit. A satellite is boarded into ION, which transports it across orbits into its final operational slot. This service is essential for missions operating in highly customized orbits that are not served by rideshare launches.

Precise Deployment and Phasing for Constellations

Precise Deployment and Phasing for Constellations is an advanced launch and deployment service designed for satellite constellation operators to phase a batch of spacecraft quickly and safely along one or more orbital planes. The service is enabled by ION Satellite Carrier, D-Orbit’s proprietary orbital transfer vehicle, which carries the satellites along the constellation’s orbital plane and releases each spacecraft in its designated orbital slot. This strategy reduces significantly the time required to phase a batch of satellites along an orbital plane, bringing forward the revenue-generating phase of the mission and enabling optimal use of the spacecraft’s life.

Add-On Services


We offer a turnkey insurance package covering the whole life cycle of a small satellite, from engineering to the end-of-mission. The insurance covers every one of the satellite’s payloads, providing you with a parachute in case of partial failure. A partnership with the most important insurance players in the market enables us to provide competitive conditions.

Mission Analysis and Design

We provide support during the mission analysis and design phase of a multi-satellite mission to identify and exploit the optimal use of mission budgets enabled by ION Satellite Carrier’s deployment strategies.

Mission Control Operations

We can take care of developing onboard software for hosted payloads to process incoming commands, perform mission operations, process raw data, and downlink information.

Shipping and Transportation

We offer specialized transportation services from the manufacturing site to our integration facility. We are prepared for all transportation needs, ensuring the integrity of the equipment.

ION Satellite Carrier

ION Satellite Carrier is the enabling technology behind our deployment and IOD services.

ION is a satellite platform with a configurable payload bay that can be equipped with a combination of proprietary or third-party launch dispensers, CubeSat-sized payloads, microsatellites, and instruments like lenses and antennas to be tested in orbit.

Thanks to its propulsion module, ION Satellite Carrier can travel across orbits characterized by different attitude, and local time of ascending node (LTAN) through the course of a mission, and deploy each hosted satellite in a custom orbit. ION can also perform operations on hosted payloads in their optimal operating position.

Multiple ION Satellite Carrier missions launched throughout the year provide operators with several launch windows to choose from.