D-Orbit Academy

D-Orbit Academy is an internal program structured to cultivate motivation, enhance preparation, and nurture leadership skills inside the company.

The goals of the program are to meet the growing demand of talent acquisition, enhance the training and professional development of the team, and give back to the community.

The Academy operates by:

  • Organizing courses and seminars for its employees 
  • Promoting and supporting thesis development both for undergraduates and doctorates 
  • Establishing relationships with universities, institutes, and schools to influence students and run research projects 
  • Encouraging D-Orbit's employees to run education activities into institutions (like contributing to the establishment of new classes and running courses) 
  • Establishing relationship with reference centers (such as ASI, ESA, CNES, INAF) in the interest areas identified to be on the leading edge of the relevant technologies 
  • Promoting participation in social initiatives on the territory
  • Promoting activities for the community: visits, astronomic observation, talks with ISS etc. 

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