D-Orbit offers you the opportunity to work in a dynamic team in which freedom is equal to responsibility. We are looking for motivation, passion for space and resilience. If you are a talented person, who loves challenges, not afraid to work hard, able to quickly recover from mistakes and day-by-day issues, and ready to keep our team pace, D-Orbit is the place for you.

You can find the positions that are currently open in our Company below. If any of these sounds like the next step in your career, then please get in touch, we’d love to talk! If you don't find anything that fits your profile but you would still like to be considered for the future,  send us your application anyway! We're always looking for bright new minds to add to our team.

Apply to D-Orbit by sending an email at recruitment@dorbit.space, and providing us with your CV.

Thank you for your interest in D-Orbit. We'll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible, even in case your profile should not be a perfect fit.



We are looking for an Embedded Software Engineer to join our team.  You will become part of a growing software design group responsible for the delivery of software components across a range of embedded and high-performance applications in space.

Within a continuous integration environment, you will contribute to the entire application lifecycle with a focus on the specification, design, deployment, test, integration, and maintenance of software features.  Improving and developing new features to shared libraries, adding additional capabilities to existing flight applications, will also be a key part of this.  Through these activities and by working with the key stakeholders in the development process you will deliver exciting new features and directly support on-going spacecraft operations.


Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Contribute to the entire application lifecycle, focusing on requirements elicitation, coding, debugging, and integration with the flight hardware

  • Validation of features including integration with software-in-the-loop and hardware-in-the-loop test suites

  • Scouting of the latest technologies within embedded software development and driving their adoption within the group

  • Contributing to the continuous improvement of the teams' processes and methodologies

  • Additional duties may be assigned as needed.

Qualifications and Requirements

Candidates with any level of experience will be considered, from new graduates through to senior engineers with several years of experience under their belt.  Offers will be tailored based on the candidates' experience. You will have at least some of the following skills:

  • Experience delivering embedded software in any C-family language

  • Knowledge of real-time operating systems (such as RTEMS or FreeRTOS) and/or operating systems targeted for embedded applications (such as any embedded Linux) is considered an advantage

  • Knowledge of any typical embedded communication interfaces such as USART, SPI, I2C, CAN, Ethernet, EtherCAT

  • Experience using and configuring any common build toolchains or similar development environment (such as ANT, WAF, Makefile, Visual Studio, etc.)

  • Familiarity with using any Linux based distribution and appreciation of application development

  • Familiarity with typical software development methodology and release versioning processes

  • Familiarity with Git versioning system or any similar DVCS

  • Experience with test-driven development

  • Capability of working in autonomy

  • Resilience and ability to work in a fast-paced environment

  • Ability to work hard in a team setting to meet tight schedules

  • Ability to communicate technical concepts clearly and effectively



Bachelor or higher engineering degree, in any relevant area such as electronic engineering, computer science, or automation.



Full professional proficiency in the English language is mandatory. 

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AOCS engineer new.png



As part of the D-Orbit AOCS engineering team, you will follow the whole lifecycle of D-Orbit’s spacecraft Attitude and Orbit Control Systems. You will support several projects in the design of the subsystem, taking part in the development of the flight algorithms and carrying out analysis for design and performance validation; you will have an active role in the verification cycle of the AOCS SW as well as HW testing during EM and PFM campaigns.


Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Support to the development of Guidance, Navigation, and Control algorithms

  • Modeling of equipment and their interaction with the subsystem

  • Carry out analysis for subsystem design verification (sensitivity, performance, stability, MonteCarlo, no-regression)

  • Support to SW auto coding, Processor-in-the-loop verification, and SW testing on EM spacecraft

  • Support to HW testing, from equipment interface test to HW-in-the-loop and functional checks after integration of the platform

  • Support to LEOP and orbital operations;

  • Authoring of Technical documents.

  • Interaction with other Subsystems, System Engineers, and Manufacturing teams for the development and sustaining of new and current products.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • At least two years of working experience in the AOCS/GNC or relevant field;

  • Knowledge of spacecraft subsystems and space environment;

  • Proficiency in use of Matlab/Simulink;

  • Knowledge of AOCS sensors and actuators, Navigation techniques, and Control theory;

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills;

  • Proactive attitude and ability to work in a team;

  • Knowledge of C/C++ is an asset;

  • Experience in SW and/or HW testing is an asset;

  • Experience as technical support for AOCS procurements is a plus;

  • Knowledge in optics is a plus.



University Master degree or equivalent, preferably in the fields of Aerospace/Space Engineering, Control/Automation Engineering, Physics.



Full professional proficiency in the English language is mandatory. Proficiency in Italian is not required.



As Spacecraft Helmsman/Helmswoman you will be part of our Flight Operations Team in charge of operating and managing D-Orbit’s Fleet of Carriers and Reconnaissance and Servicing Vessels and all the upcoming missions. From D-Orbit’s mission control center in Fino Mornasco, you will follow the end-to-end mission operations lifecycle, from operations design to tools implementation, from launch phases to final disposal. Areas of tasking of operators include flight dynamics, maneuvers, failure detection and recovery, telemetry and telecommands, data post-processing, operations planning, and execution.


Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Support to design and requirements definition, starting from specific mission and payload requirements;

  • Detailed operations design and definition;

  • Operations Team tools design, implementation, and maintenance;

  • Support to system AIV and launch campaign;

  • On-orbit operations procedures definitions and verification;

  • On-orbit operations planning and execution throughout the missions;

  • Flight dynamics tasks and maneuver planning;

  • Anomaly identification and resolution;

  • Authoring of Technical documents;

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Knowledge of System Engineering principles, Orbital and Attitude Dynamics;

  • Knowledge of Spaceflight Operations principles;

  • Knowledge in scripting languages (Python) and processing tools (MATLAB);

  • Knowledge of both Windows and Linux OS;

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills;

  • Proactive attitude and ability to work in a team and individually;

  • Availability to work with a 24/7 shifts-based scheme;

  • Experience in spaceflight operations and/or AIV processes is a strong plus;

  • Knowledge of spaceflight dynamics and maneuver planning is a strong plus;

  • Familiarity with On-Board Control Procedures concepts is a plus;

  • At least 2 years of working experience in relevant space engineering domain (e.g. system engineering, flight operations, AIV/AIT, ground segment engineering) is a plus;



Advanced University degree (Master’s degree or equivalent) preferably in Aerospace/Space Engineering;



Full professional proficiency in the English language is mandatory. 

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As part of D-Orbit system engineering team for the Assembly, Integration and Verification, you will follow at system-level the whole lifecycle of D-Orbit’s spacecraft, focusing mainly on AIV activities. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with D-Orbit’s manufacturing team and all subsystem designers, you will be tasked with assembling and testing our Engineering Models, Structural and Thermal Models, and Flight Models. You will support the design and verification of the Ground Segment, manage and carry out launch campaign at the launch site, and support the flight operations team before and during on-orbit operations.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Overall spacecraft and subsystems verification plans definitions, maintenance, and control;

  • Carry out Assembly, Integration, and Verification of spacecraft and subsystems at all levels, holding responsibility for spacecraft model (from Engineering Models to Flight Models) AIV;

  • Support systems design implementing design-for-maintainability guidelines;

  • Interfacing with all subsystems and teams during AIV phases;

  • Execution of launch campaign;

  • Support to LEOP and orbital operations;

  • Authoring of Technical documents.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • At least two years of working experience in a relevant field;

  • Knowledge of System Engineering and system-level knowledge of all spacecraft subsystems;

  • Knowledge of data busses architectures;

  • Experience with data interfaces such as i2c, SPI, CAN, RS422/485;

  • Hands-on experience with typical electronic laboratory equipment and tools;

  • Proficient in working in a Linux environment;

  • Experience in spacecraft AIV process;

  • Knowledge in CubeSat Space Protocol is a strong asset;

  • Knowledge in ESA PUS is a strong asset;

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills;

  • Proactive attitude and ability to work in a team.


University degree preferably in the fields of Aerospace/Space Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Automation Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering or Computer Science and Engineering.


Full professional proficiency in the English language is mandatory.



We are looking for a high-performing Business Analyst to report directly to our CFO, based at our HQ close to Lake Como, Italy. The role includes responsibility for business plans, analysis, and financial projections. The successful candidate will be able to gather a significant amount of data and information, synthesize it into effective analyses and recommendations, and communicate it effectively and efficiently to company decision-makers.


This role provides a great opportunity to develop both your financial management capabilities and career potential as D-Orbit moves forward. The ideal candidate is an ambitious and curious person who is looking to grow in the organization and take on roles of greater responsibility over time.

Qualifications and Requirements


  • Strong analytical skills

  • Ability to use MS Excel (high proficiency essential), and PowerPoint and other business software (proficient) – the ability to code in VBA would be beneficial but is not essential

  • High motivation, ability to work autonomously

  • Fluent English

  • Great communication skills

  • At least 2-3 years of experience in a similar company role, or with professional investors (SGR or other), a consultancy practice, or another relevant institution.


Full professional proficiency in the English language is mandatory.

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We are looking for a candidate to join our Hardware Engineering team and actively follow board Electronic design. Deal with Electronic design from requirements definition to schematic entry. Support the System, Manufacturing and Mechanical engineering teams throughout the full product development life-cycle, supporting PCB outline, component placement, and routing process. Follow technical data exchange with suppliers and support manufacturing during board assembly and test. Participate in other HW Engineering activities involving both requirements definition, electrical design, verification, and testing.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Be responsible for the design of electronic boards from requirements to schematic definition, procedure management, and test coordination.

  • Lead PCB outline, layer setup, component placement and signal routing requirements for Digital and Mixed-Signals applications.

  • Lead interface with PCB services suppliers.

  • Keep up with and know industry and space standards and technologies.

  • Work with Hardware and System Engineers and manufacturing teams for the development and sustaining of current products.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Work experience of at least 3 years in space/automotive/medical industries.

  • Experience with Altium designer tool.

  • Experience with Spice simulation tool.

  • Knowledge of VHDL.

  • Experience with Libero SoC and Vivado tool suite.

  • Proficient with high-speed and mixed-signals design and validation.

  • Proficient in requirement management for high-speed digital design.

  • Proficient in using electronic lab instruments (oscilloscope, multimeter, spectrum analyzer, power supply, electronic load, etc)

  • Knowledge of common electronic interfaces like CAN, SPI, I2C, RS-422, RS-485, Space-Wire, MIL-1553.

  • Proficient with common ECSS standard electronic analyses like PSA, WCA and FMEA/FMECA.

  • A self-starter and highly motivated with strong organizational skills; excellent verbal and written communication skills;

  • Proactive attitude and ability to work in a team and individually;

  • Knowledge of ECSS PCB mastering rules is a plus.

  • Experienced with state-of-the-art PCB design tools and methodology is a plus.


MSc degree in Electronics or equivalent practical experience.


Full professional proficiency in the English language is mandatory.



We are looking for project managers to be integrated into the D-Orbit PM team. This position offers you the opportunity to work in a dynamic environment inside one of the fastest-growing companies in the high tech industry. As a PM, you will be responsible for planning, monitoring, and managing company projects, ranging from the strategic planning of activities to their implementation and control. Your job will also require you to draft, edit, and deliver proposals for grant applications or budgets and support data for the sales department. Your function will also require significant interaction with other Company departments, such as Technical, Sales, Administration, Purchase, Production, and Quality.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Coordinate internal resources and third parties (whenever applicable) for the flawless execution of projects;

  • Ensure that the projects are delivered on time, within the scope and within budget;

  • Developing project scopes and objectives, involving all relevant stakeholders;

  • Develop detailed project plans to track progress and measure project performance using appropriate systems, tools, and techniques;

  • Perform risk management;

  • Implement and manage change when necessary to meet project outputs;

  • Proposal drafting and delivery as support to the sales team.

  • Produce tools in Excel and Microsoft Project to support current and future Project Management Activities;

  • Additional duties may be assigned, as needed.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Technical background, with conceptual understanding or hands-on experience in space technologies;

  • At least three years of experience in project coordination and management;

  • Experience in aerospace projects gained from structured and dynamic environments;

  • Knowledge of project management techniques;

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills;

  • Proactive attitude and ability to work in a team and individually;

  • Leadership, management, and team coordination skills;

  • Good Knowledge of PM software tools like Microsoft Project;

  • PMP certification is a plus.


Advanced University Degree (Master's degree or equivalent), preferably in Space Engineering or Management Engineering.


Full professional proficiency in the English language is mandatory.



As Procurement Manager, you will have to purchase goods or services for D-Orbit to use or sell; your duties will entail ensuring that D-Orbit obtains quality products for competitive prices in a timely fashion. You will also play an integral role in ensuring the company will stick to budgets and operates profitably. 

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Liaises with key company employees to determine their product and service needs;

  • Monitors business trends and product availability to pay the best price for company goods and services without sacrificing quality or delivery times;

  • Nurtures relationships with suppliers to negotiate the best prices for the company;

  • Identifies and researches potential new suppliers;

  • Researches new products and services to meet the company's goals;

  • Assesses the total costs of company purchases;

  • Develops and implements strategies for procuring, storing, and distributing goods or services and maintaining stock levels;

  • Oversees a team of purchasing agents;

  • Reports to the Head of Procurement.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • People Person;

  • Good at Networking;

  • Excellent Written and Oral Communication Skills;

  • Data Analysis;

  • Superior Organizational Skills;

  • Good Business Instincts;

  • Mathematics Skills;

  • Good Negotiator;

  • Financial Analysis Skills;

  • Understanding of Supply Chain Management Procedures;

  • Logistics Skills;

  • Preferred knowledge of Supply Management Software (Database Management, Inventory Management, Financial Analysis, Point of Sale, Procurement, Project Management, and Enterprise Resource Planning, and General Office Programs);

  • Preferred specialized Industry Knowledge;

  • Experience as a Procurement Clerk or Junior Buyer.


Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Business, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Engineering, Economics, Applied Science, or a Related Field


Full professional proficiency in the English language is mandatory.

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