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The Future of
Space Logistics

D-Orbit is working towards a space servicing infrastructure that will enable the growth of the next-generation space industry. These services will be powered by proprietary robotic servicing vehicles designed to achieve multiple mission objectives throughout their lifespan.

The services we are preparing to offer will include:

  • Transportation of satellites, space infrastructures, goods, supplies, feedstock, and more.
  • Lifetime extension of older spacecraft through extension modules that take over propulsion and attitude determination and control.
  • In-orbit assembly of spacecraft and space infrastructures.
  • In-orbit refurbishment of existing vehicles by upgrading and replacing outdated and malfunctioning components.
  • In-orbit manufacturing of spacecraft parts from feedstock and basic components coming from Earth and/or from in-orbit recycling.
  • Re-supply of propellant and other consumables.
  • Recycling of parts and materials already in space, from old spacecraft or space debris, into usable feedstock for the manufacturing of new parts and equipment.
  • Relocation of a space asset or infrastructure to a different orbit.
  • Orbital inspection of space objects, asset or infrastructure.
  • End-of-life removal or relocation of a cooperative space asset or infrastructure.
  • Removal or relocation of debris and other uncooperative space asset or infrastructure.
  • Storage of feedstock, fuel, supplies and goods in general in space.