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ION Hosted Payload Service

ION Satellite Carrier offers a plug-and-play mechanical, electrical, and data interface to quickly integrate experiments and instruments onboard and operate them from the ground as subsystem of ION itself.

  • Standard, well-defined interfaces: Plug-and-play CubeSat mechanical interface, Standard 5/12/28V electrical interface

  • Access to host resources: Uplink, downlink, memory, and more

  • Wide coverage: A network of ground stations provides multiple daily access opportunities

  • Attitude control: Ability to point the platform to perform your tasks with optimal exposure to sun, darkness, Earth, and horizon

  • Launch flexibility: Multiple launch options in LEO, SSO, and GEO every year, with the possibility to switch launch in case of delay

  • Multi-orbit: Repeat your experiment at different altitude and planes

  • Flexible pricing: Pay what you use