Technology is constantly evolving, demanding increased performances at a reduced cost. To remain competitive, the space industry needs solutions to increase the reliability of space infrastructures and reduce the cost of operations. D-Orbit offers three key competitive advantages:


  • COMPETITIVE PRODUCTS: D-Orbit features a line of compelling products to best meet our customer's varying demands, from launch to decommissioning.

  • HIGHEST ENGINEERING STANDARDS: The growing congestion of operational orbits coupled with an increasingly commercialized space industry has opened a new market opportunity for scalable and efficient products that meet stricter international space debris mitigation regulations. Our in-house team is dedicated to delivering value and quality in each customized product and service.

  • POSITIVE IMPACT: Our commitment to promoting a positive environmental impact is just as important as procuring the best technology to best meet our customers’ needs.

"Soon we will stop saying space business and we will rather mention space transportation, space manufacturing, space harvesting, space mining, space tourism. In D-Orbit we work to enable a profitable and durable space, maximizing the space asset of our customers and delivering an unprecedented return to our investors.”

Luca Rossettini, Founder and CEO






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Financial News

Seraphim Capital, Noosphere Ventures invest in D-Orbit

December 20, 2019  I

D-Orbit consortium radar satellite to monitor infrastructure

November 21st, 2019  I

D-Orbit launches AURORA, a cloud-based mission control software suite

October 19, 2019  I

Accordo tra D-Orbit e Leaf Space
per il New Space market

August 6, 2019  I

Amazon activates ground station business with first two of 12 stations

May 23, 2019  I

D-Orbit Will Launch Planet Labs' Flock of Doves

March 6, 2019  I  Sat News

D-orbit signs framework agreement with Firefly to acquire launch capacity

March 5, 2019  I  Space Daily

L’azienda spaziale D-Orbit si aggiudica un contratto ESA da 2,6 milioni di euro

January 17, 2019  I  Tom's Hardware

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