InOrbit NOW  offers launch and deployment services through a CubeSat and microsatellites deployer called ION Satellite Carrier and proprietary dispensers called DPODs and DCUBEs.

ION SATELLITE CARRIER is a platform able to modify its own orientation, altitude, and local time of ascending node (LTAN) to quickly deploy CubeSats and microsatellites into precise and independent orbital slots, allowing customers to start their missions faster and in optimal operational conditions.

ION Features
Multiple form factor support: a 64 1U volume to accommodate multiple combinations of
1U, 2U, 3U, 3U+, 4U, 6U, 6U+, 8U, 8UL, 12U, 12U+, 16U CubeSats, or microsatellites up to 160 kg, with industry record protrusion allowance.
Ability to perform orbital maneuvers: change of altitude and inclination, true anomaly phasing, RAAN shift.
Precise deployment: Each satellite is deployed independently, following a command from the ground, with personalized attitude, pointing, and impulse.
Fast dispersion: up to 85% faster constellations deployment, with wider spacecraft separation, faster signal acquisition, and a stable collision-free formation.

Guaranteed deployment: a triple fault-tolerant mechanism guarantees the release of all
satellites that may not be released nominally before the end of the mission.

DPODs and DCUBEs are proprietary dispensers available in four form factors, for CubeSats between 1U and 16U+ and compatible with the major launch providers.​​ They can be used as a stand-alone product or integrated inside ION.


Depending on their needs and mission requirements, customers can choose two deployment options:

  • PRECISION DEPLOYMENT:  ION’s ability to release each satellite in a different orbital position, with the attitude, pointing, and impulse needed. Thanks to its propulsion module and attitude control unit, ION Satellite Carrier can modify its altitude and orientation. By calibrating the spring releases mechanism, each satellite receives the desired impulse. The release is ground-initiated, so customers can release their satellites right above their ground station or in specific light conditions. Precision deployment can be achieved either using ION, or a combination of ION and our proprietary dispensers.

  • STANDARD DEPLOYMENT: a deployment service that relies on third-party compatible launchers equipped with our DPOD and DCUBE dispensers.



ION Satellite Carrier

Launch Procurement
Launch Procurement
Selection of appropriate deployer
Supply of an appropriate DPOD or DCUBE dispenser
Integration of satellites onboard ION Satellite Carrier
Integration of the spacecraft inside the dispenser
Ground transportation from our site to the launch site
Ground transportation from our site to the launch site
Brokerage of insurance
Integration onboard the launch vehicle
Integration of the dispenser onboard the launch vehicle
Launch to target orbit
Launch and standard deployment
Precision Deployment and Fast Dispersion
Confirmation of release with visual evidence
Delivery of orbital parameters
Delivery of orbital parameters
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