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Project Name PCD-Sat
Funding € 4.188.000,00
Duration 48 months
Partners None
Agency ESA

PCD SAT is a € 4,188M project funded by ESA under the General Support Technology Programme (GSTP), an optional ESA program aimed at enabling the European space industry to develop leading-edge space technology. The program's mission is to convert promising engineering concepts into mature products, bridging the gap between research laboratories and commercial space missions.

With the goal to study, design, manufacture, and qualify a cost-effective platform dedicated to the in-orbit deployment of a number of CubeSats, PCD SAT is an orbit-to-orbit transportation system designed to reach space onboard rideshare launches and equipped with a capable propulsion system for the transportation and release of payload CubeSats in different orbits, including those at different altitudes and RAAN/LTAN.

The mission is designed to comprise three phases:
  • Launch, Early Operations and Commissioning Phase (LEOP)
  • CubeSat Deployment Phase (CDP)
  • End Of Life Phase (EOLP)
and to comply with the following characteristics:
  • an altitude lower than 620km
  • an inclination greater than 45°
  • a mission duration: of 1 year (from the release from the launch vehicle to the beginning of LEOP