Simba is a lightweight, cost-effective, and versatile onboard computer for platform management and general-purpose applications. It features redundant interface-to-spacecraft data bus, a companion Microsemi RTSX32SU FPGA for customized applications and a qualified RTEMS software suite. Qualified for long-lasting LEO mission, Simba is based on a reliable and flight-proven LEON3-FT SPARC V8 core by Cobham Gaisler (GR712RC).  It can be used for attitude determination and control systems (ADCS), telemetry and telecommand (TMTC), platform health monitoring, payload processing services, and for any other subsystem that requires processing capabilities.

General features:

  • Dual-Core LEON3-FT SPARC V8 Processor, 16 kB multi-way instruction cache and 16 kB multi-way data cache.

  • 107 DMIPS @ 80 MHz.

  • FLASH memory: 16Mbyte organized as 4 Mbit x 32.

  • RAM memory: 2,5 Mbyte SRAM organized as 512 Kbit x 40.

  • ECSS Class-1 components, lower-quality components version available.

  • Qualified RTEMS operating system with optional time and space partitioning system.

  • Configurable FPGA companion for custom applications.

  • Featuring in-flight software maintenance and reprogramming.

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